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Eating Addictions Anonymous is a 12 step recovery program for men and women recovering from all forms of eating and body image addiction.

    Welcome to EAA.

    Welcome to EAA/SANE. We welcome all who are interested how to invest in eBay shares in New Zealand in healing from eating and body image disorders in all forms. EAA is made up of overeaters, anorexics, bulimics, undereaters, binge eaters, grazers, exercise bulimics, etc. Most of us have negative invest in eBay shares in New Zealand relationships with our bodies, and our body image is often distorted. As our disease progresses, we come to measure our self worth by how we feel about our bodies. Therefore, most of us are consumed by feelings of inadequacy, desperation, and shame, since we can never measure up to our own unrealistic ideals, or those of society. Even talent, skill, education and accomplishment could not lessen our misery. Whatever form our disease takes, we share a dangerous obsession. We are all addicts, in bondage to our own minds, oppressed by our compulsion. In EAA we find a different way of living. The only requirement for EAA membership is the desire to stop abusing food and our bodies. Because we must deal with food daily, we believe the only lasting solution to our problem is an inner transformation from working the 12 steps of EAA with the help of a sponsor.

The Fellowship of Eating Addictions Anonymous

EAA is a fellowship of people recovering from all aspects of eating addiction and body obsession. The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop abusing food and our bodies. We believe that our disease manifests itself in a variety of ways including: bingeing, purging, grazing, starving, obsession with: our bodies, weight, diet, muscular definition, etc. In our experience what, how, how much or how little you eat is irrelevant to the eBay shares disease progression. What is important is that we have a warped relationship to food, and to our bodies.

Since food is but a symptom , we do not believe lasting recovery can be based on any particular plan of eating. It will only be achieved by a thorough working of the 12 steps. The honesty we develop through working the steps leads each of us to a manner of living, eating and relating to our bodies that allows us to be fully participating members of society. Most of us suffer from self hate, and find there is little support for a healthy relationship with our bodies or with food in the wider world. In EAA we uncover the tools to deal with both our addiction as well as the unhealthy messages we may receive about food and appearance. Our disease kills more people than any other addiction, due to its connection to various serious diseases. It handicaps many others emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We believe that for us food is a drug, our obsessions are manifestations of addiction, that our disease is a life and death issue.

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