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Note: As of April 23, 2006 This Discussion Board's POSTING ability is disabled due to spammers posting off-topic.

Discuss Your Thoughts/Concerns/Feelings With Us On a Range of Topics

For many of us, the Internet is a wonderful way to reach out and discuss what's eating us so that we don't need to eat it!  So, although the discussions/forums are on this Official EAA GSO Website, the person who posts each message can be anyone in the general public. 

Notice of Indemnity: Therefore, we are not responsible for the information held within. We will start with moderating the forums. If inappropriate content is displayed it is subject to removal without indemnity whatsoever to the site or site owners. Thank you.

Please note that ALL posts reflect the opinion of the author and do not reflect EAA or the position of EAA as a whole!

  • Behavior and Thoughts Associated with Eating, Overeating, Undereating
  • Body Bigotry
  • Body Image
  • Eating Patterns - Bingeing, Starving, Grazing, Purging
  • Exercise - Too much - Too little
  • Experience, Strength and Hope (ESH)
  • Grief Issues in Recovery
  • Recovering Children
  • Recovering Adolescents
  • Restricting 
  • SANE and Free
  • Sexuality and Recovery (NOT X-rated, please)
  • Spirituality (not religion)
  • Steps to Freedom
  • Worldwide Community - Contact EAAs in your area
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