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Fellowship Approved Literature

What is EAA Fellowship approved literature?

Eating Addictions Anonymous Literature

EAA Informational Pamphlets:

EAA Pamphlet version of the who, what, why, how, traditions. I.P. # 1
EAA Introductory pamphlet. I.P. # 2
Men Welcomed Here I.P. #4
Body Bigotry I.P. #5

EAA Meeting Readings (set of 5):

  •   (Who is An Addict? What is EAA? Why Are We Here? How it Works. The 12 Traditions of EAA)

Please note: New EAA literature is being developed, and will be available soon - please check the list above periodically.

Narcotics Anonymous Literature


  • Narcotics Anonymous - NA's "Basic Text"  
  • It works, How and Why - The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.  
  • Narcotics Anonymous Step Working Guides

NA informational pamphlets
(the following are the 5 most commonly used IP's in EAA):

  • The Triangle of Self Obsession IP#12,  
  • Self Acceptance IP#19,  
  • Another Look IP#5,  
  • Sponsorship IP#11,  
  • Living the Program IP#9.

Alcoholics Anonymous Literature


  • Alcoholics Anonymous - known as the "Big Book"The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous - known as the 12 and 12  
  • Pass it On - The Story of Bill Wilson and how the A.A message reached the world. (History of A.A. and one of its founders)


  • Living Sober  
  • Came to Believe

What is EAA Fellowship approved literature?

EAA Fellowship-Approved literature is literature that members have approved as the official literature of the program. In Addition to EAA Literature, ALL NA and AA literature is EAA fellowship approved. We use the books Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous as our basic guides to the program. The literature listed above is the literature most often used by EAA groups and members.

Please note: The use of AA and NA literature by EAA does not imply any connection with AA or NA, nor does it imply any endorsement of EAA by them. A 12 step Fellowship can have no opinion on outside issues, including other programs or organizations.

EAA's 12 steps have been adapted for use by EAA with the permission of Alcoholics Anonymous. The literature listed here is copyrighted by each respective fellowship.


Service Literature

EAA currently uses NA service materials.
For reference to proper running of meetings, EAA uses NA's "The Group Booklet" for basics on starting and running a group.
EAA Treasurers use NA's Group Treasurer's Workbook to keep track of group finances.


Obtaining literature

To order literature please attend a meeting or contact the fellowship that issues them. AA and NA hold meetings in most parts of the United States, as well as internationally. Literature is often available for sale at meetings. Should you be unable to locate them in your area, you should contact their US national addresses, listed below. Both AA and NA literature are available in languages other than English.

NA and AA literature is also available at EAA meetings. EAA literature is available from EAA GSO, and at EAA meetings. 

We apologize we are unable to sell AA or NA literature by mail.



EAA General Service Office

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(202) 882-6528
Web Site:

Narcotics Anonymous World Service Office

PO Box 9999
Van Nuys, California 91409
Telephone (818) 773-9999
Fax (818) 700-0700
Web Site: http://na.org

A.A. World Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 459,
New York, NY 10163

A.A. General Service Office

475 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10015
Phone: 212-870-3400
Fax: 212-870-3003
Web Site:

Eating Addictions Anonymous
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