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A special welcome to men.

We want to let men know that this program is for them as well as for women. Most resources available for eating disorder recovery, be they weight loss centers, or treatment facilities, assume their clients will be female. We, however, are aware that many men suffer from eating disorders in all forms, and struggle to identify with, or feel comfortable in those other settings. Since obesity linked diseases kill a very large number of men each year, we know that men can benefit from recovery from overeating. A growing number of men are beginning to be more open about their struggles with bulimia, anorexia, and body image distortions. There is still a lot of denial in our society of the severity of the health issue of men's eating addictions, and men's recovery resources still lag far behind women's. We want you to know that men are especially welcome in our fellowship. We will not ignore your issues.

We encourage and support the formation of men's EAA meetings . We strive to create an environment in our fellowship that is comfortable for all. Our purpose is to promote and support lifelong recovery. We do not focus on complaining, wallowing in our disease, or blaming others for our addiction. We aren't concerned about how glamorous we will look when the diet is over. We're here to open the door to recovery for all who wish to enter. Whatever your background, whatever the nature of your struggle with eating, you will be welcome here.

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