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    Spiritual Surrender - Absolute Commitment - Necessary Action - Emotional Healing

    The SANE concept helps us grasp some core principles of recovery.

    Spiritual Surrender
    Absolute Commitment
    Necessary Action
    Emotional Healing

    As we work the 12 steps of EAA, we find that an attitude of surrender to spiritual principles is essential for recovery. We make an absolute commitment to refrain from using food as a drug, and from other related behaviors. We go to whatever lengths are necessary. We Act to keep our recovery. With this new approach, the emotional healing that make life long recovery possible begins to take place.

    While we feel a spiritual approach is critical, EAA is not a religious organization. We do not promote any particular religious tradition.

    We have no opinion on any issues outside of 12 step recovery. We are not run by therapists, or doctors, or other professionals. We are simply recovering addicts, supporting others who wish to recover from our painful and destructive disease. We view recovery as a life and death issue since food abuse in its various forms kills more people than drugs, alcohol and nicotine combined. We offer a way out.

    We have no dues or fees for membership. We are self supporting through our own contributions. We do not accept outside contributions, nor are we affiliated with any other organization, treatment center, hospital, or professional therapy facility.

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