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What is EAA?

EAA is a fellowship of men and women recovering from all aspects of eating addiction, and body and appearance obsession. Our primary purpose is recovery, and we welcome all who have or think they may have any form of eating addiction or appearance obsession.

We do not focus on diets, food plans or weight regulation. We have discovered that internal transformation is the only effective way of arresting our disease. In EAA we focus on internal growth and find lifelong recovery not just from bingeing, purging, chronic overeating, anorexia, etc., but also the shame and self hatred that accompanies our addiction.

In EAA we seek holistic, balanced recovery, encouraging members to address their body image issues very specifically. We believe that in recovery, obese persons do lose weight, and emaciated persons do gain, but that body size and eating abuses are merely symptoms of an addictive way of dealing with deeper problems. Whatever insecurities or other problems we have, they are greatly exacerbated by the warped values about appearance, size and weight most of us internalize. In our fellowship, we provide an alternative to the sick, obsessive thinking patterns we have developed over the course of a lifetime.
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