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Who is an addict?

Most of us try to deny it, but deep down inside we know. No matter how much or how little we eat, or what we look like to others, we feel compelled to practice self destructive behaviors with eating, dieting, exercise avoidance or compulsive exercise. These risked our health, and destroyed our self esteem, our relationships, and our lives. For us these behaviors become our drug.

An addict is a man or woman who has become trapped in a pattern of compulsive behavior from which they cannot break free alone. Few of us will seek help before the cost of our addiction becomes undeniable and unbearable. Some of us are forced to seek help by partners, friends or family members, others realize that their behavior is becoming life threatening, and after years of slow suicide, we are ready to try anything.

Only when we become willing to surrender to the recovery process, can we halt our downward spiral.

We are addicts.

In EAA, we believe we are addicts, and that like all addicts, we are powerless over our addiction. Our obsessive behaviors concerning food and our bodies are the ways we use to feel numb, comforted, high or in control. Though we prefer to deny it, we are no different or better than other drug addicts. Our disease, may be more subtle and and it is often sanctioned by society. It is, however, a deadly addiction. Members of our fellowship focus on staying out of our old destructive patterns. We work at developing a healthy conception of our appearance. On our own this is impossible, since many of us are full of self hate, and excuses. With the help of the fellowship we find the spiritual growth and emotional healing that facilitates these changes. In EAA the definition of clean food is an individual issue - we are individuals, and what works for some, may not work well for others. However, in recovery we do not binge, purge, starve, or graze.  We do not restrict or feast at mealtimes.  We adopt a proactive approach, going to whatever lengths we must to find recovery, then we cling to it doggedly. Recovery does happen, but it doesn't happen by accident. If we want to be free from a lifetime of self destruction, we must surrender to deep internal change. With the help of our network, we define a clear, healthy bottom line set of behaviors conducive to maintaining our recovery. We share the nature of this spiritual plan with others we trust as a way of developing an honest relationship with ourselves, our eating, and with others. Surrender doesn't come naturally to addicts, but relax, no one will tell you what you have to do. We are here to offer you the way out that we have found.

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